Wedding of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. The Origins of Wedding Fashion

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Queen Victoria, who is an ancestress of the current dynasty of Windsor in Britain, can rightfully be considered a progenitor of the wedding fashion. Many wedding traditions, which are classic not only in Europe, but in other parts of the world, have their roots in one of the most high-profile weddings of the XIX century – the wedding of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. Their marriage was not just a marriage of convenience, but an alliance of two loving hearts. Therefore, everything that was created for the royal wedding was not for no special reason, but carried a certain mystery and meaning.

The Main Features of the Dress

What was so unusual and new on February 10, 1840, the day of the wedding of the Great Britain’s Queen Victoria and Prince Albert that can be used both by courtiers and by many ordinary people?

  • The white color of the bride’s dress;
  • The Victorian wedding dress model;
  • The bride’s wreath of orange blossom and lace veil;
  • Victorian wedding rings;
  • The language of flowers when composing a bouquet of the bride;
  • The wedding bouquets of royal families necessarily include a myrtle twig;
  • Groom’s classical boutonniere;
  • Bridesmaids in dresses of pastel tones;
  • A wedding cake;
  • Pieces of cake given to guests in napkins or boxes – bonbonniere;
  • A lace shirt that has been serving to this day the baptismal shirt for all princes and princesses of England;
  • The most famous wedding photo taken in the 19th century was the portrait of Victoria and Albert (1840, photographer Roger Fenton).

White Bridal Gown

Queen Victoria became the first British ruler who wore a white wedding dress. At Victoria’s time, it was customary for brides to wear any colors except for white dresses. White color in the XIX century personified luxury and wealth, joy and prosperity, but not innocence or pure love. Besides, not every girl could wear white garment as it was too easily soiled.
For centuries, white has been considered one of the festive colors.
Victoria’s wedding changed everything to such an extent that even before the end of the century, white bridal gowns continued to gain popularity. In the 1880s, most female persons wore soft white and ivory dresses. Since then, white bridal gowns have become a symbol of purity & innocence. Later, a white gown was given the symbol of virginity.

Victorian Bridal Gown

Queen Victoria also founded a special model of a wedding dress, which later became known as a Victorian one. This invention was a wedding dress with a narrow bodice, voluminous skirt on crinolines and a long train.