Unisex Perfumes Are Changing Societal Norms for Good

Gender discrimination starts from the day you are born. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Similarly, cologne is for men and perfume is for women or dark woody for guys and floral for girls. Dividing fragrances between genders is a debatable subject.

Collective awareness

Cologne was generally used to determine fragrance strength instead of making it sound manly. However, since the inception of eau de cologne, a collective psyche was established as ‘Fragrance for men’.

Therefore, this vibrant gender binary is still maintained in many perfumeries, worldwide. Perfumers are trained, according to traditional dichotomies that define musk for men and roses for women.

Today, where men and women are working together and sharing every field, do fragrances need to have a gender? Do some inherent qualities make them suited ideally as for men-only or women-only?

Actually, the paradigm is changing and classic brand manufacturers have realized and readapted the new realm. Today, Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a woody oriental including cardamom, nutmeg, and neroli oil. It is not classic feminine but is the top seller amongst women. This indicates that if the packing does not print ‘for women’ or ‘for men’, people select according to the feel given by a specific scent. Obviously, the choice will be determined in a different way.

People have made it obvious is that wearing a fragrance is totally subjective. Therefore, unisex perfumes and colognes are upsetting the standard ranging from perfumer’s nose to sales floor.

Unisex trend has set in

Making perfumes on the basis of gender is making less sense, when the consumer’s actions and comments say the opposite. You can check review sites, where you will find unisex perfumes like Guerlain Santa Royal top the list.

Unisex or gender-neutral perfumes are the changing societal norm. All fragrances designed need to be worn by every person. There are some scents formulated for each gender but rules are designed to be broken.

If you are told to select a fragrance of any brand styled for opposite gender then give it a try. It is suggested that if you find the sample interesting and it blends with your personality then wear it confidently.

Can both wear perfume from the same bottle?

‘Is it true, that my guy can share my perfume without smelling girly or I can wear his cologne without smelling like a bloke?’ Basically, how unisex perfume work is a little complex. If you put in simple words then they contain neutral and subtle tones that respond differently to each body’s gender wise. So, the unisex fragrance from Tom Ford Oud Wood will smell on you or your partner in a different way.

In this era, where women are engineers and pilots, and men are caretakers and nurses, the perfume classification traditionally established on the basis of gender and powerful marketing technique has got outdated. The made-to-share and unisex perfumes are displayed on shelves. Unisex is some kind of a new millennium, which branded perfumers are trying to capture.