How are diamonds mined

Diamonds are said to bring good luck in health, wealth and well being. These expensive piece of jewelry are extremely rare to find. Only about 20 mines exist today in the world which make up to 60% of all production in the world. Their rarity is only getting rarer by the day. Diamonds that are found today are small in size and have to go through a long process that involves a huge investment, lots of labor and big machinery and advanced scientific methods to mine. This is the reason why diamonds are getting expensive day by day and are also the most precious stones on earth. But have ever wondered how the mining of a diamond happens in the background before it ends up at a store?

Although there are two primary methods to mine diamonds today, the piping method is still the most popular way of mining diamonds. This method also yields more diamonds compared to the alluvial and marine mining method.

The process begins with prospectors finding potential sources of diamonds. They are then helped by geologists to figure out how the deep the diamonds are. Usually diamonds can be found 15 meters below the earth, but sometimes they can be even deeper. Once the source of diamonds have been found out, the mining companies set up big machines to start extracting diamonds. Diamonds are usually found in kimberlite ores which are below the earth.

Mining companies set up pipes in the underground where they start collecting the soil containing kimberlite ore. They collect tonnes and tonnes of soil and that soil is then sent to a facility where this soil is then searched for kimberlite ore and that ore is where the rough diamonds are extracted from.

The rough stones obtained through kimberlite ore is still not ready to be sent to a store. It is processed and polished to give it a beautiful look. Once this is done, the facility measures the quality of the diamond. The bigger the diamond is, the better it is in quality. Also bigger diamonds mean that gem cutters get more space to produce big shapes out of the diamond that give more brilliance and fire to it. Once the gems have been cut and brought into a beautiful shape, they are then given to a jewelry store where jewelers create rings, necklaces and earrings out of them depending on the needs of the customer.

The other popular method is alluvial method which basically depends on diamonds washing ashore beaches and streams. This happens when kimberlite ore gets eroded in a long process and ends up at the shores where mining companies set up walls to collected the ore from sand and soil. They once again collect tons and tons of soil and sand and then send it over to a facility where the gems are extracted in rough form. Alluvial method only finds diamonds that are small to medium size but their still very good in quality to be commercialized.