Have Knowledge of Diamond and Be a Wise Buyer

When a gift connects two hearts, there can be no replacement of diamond. It is not just a brilliant white stone; diamond means beauty, elegance and pride. So, when it comes to an engagement ring, people pick up diamond without a second thought.

Know What Clarity Is

But buying an fl diamond ring is not as easy as it seems; though there are multiple traders of diamond to sell beautiful rings, the purity of diamond is a big question. So, it is highly insisted that a buyer should have a clear idea about flawless diamond rings. The term ‘flawless’, is defined by the ‘clarity’ of a diamond. ‘Clarity’ is one of the 4Cs which determine the overall quality scale for diamonds.

A flawless diamond does not have internal hazes or external scratches; completely flawless diamonds are rare and highly expensive. FL means flawless diamond which does not reveal any imperfection under 10 x magnifications. Almost all diamonds, including the lab-made ones, have imperfections. It is a wrong assumption that lab-made diamonds are flawless.These minute flaws arenot visible in naked eye except it is an ‘I’ quality diamond.Up to the ‘SI’ quality, diamonds are said to be ‘eye-perfect’ and have good value.

There are a few other things you need to know about diamond:

Cut—It is the most important factor because the cut defines the brilliance of a diamond; only an expert designer can cut the diamond creating perfect angles to assure the maximum reflection of light.

Carat—Carat means the weight of a diamond; it has no relation with the brilliance or beauty. So, the quality of a diamond cannot be judged by carat value.

Color—An ideal diamond should be colorless; impurities in diamond create mild hints of color. There is a color scale to define the color of a diamond; the scale expands from D to Z; D stands for ‘colorless’ while Z defines ‘saturated’.

Precisely these four characteristics (including clarity) of a diamond are called the 4Cs (cut, carat, color, clarity).

Check Certification Before You Buy:

When you purchase a fl diamond ring, it must be certified for clarity by authentic certification authorities like GIA( Gemological Institute of America). Certification is primarily based on color and clarity, which are the natural qualities of a diamond. If you are an intelligent buyer, you are not supposed to buy diamonds which are not certified.

A well trained gemologist can determine the clarity of a diamond with the use of certain instruments. So, if you are going to buy a flawless diamond ring for engagement, then visit a shop that has expert gemologists to guide you about a diamond’s clarity.

Nevertheless they say “diamonds are girl’s best friends forever” and we wouldn’t disagree with it!