Greatness in Graduation

Without question one of the greatest privileges for residents of North America is found in the educational opportunity available continent wide.  Once again graduation for many is rapidly approaching bringing to a close a unique period of life and experience.  Whether students attended Ivy League schools of great prestige and promise or went the route of lesser known institutions to pursue their education, commemorating this period of life is essential.

Krikawa can provide a unique flare for this exact purpose.  Although they are renowned more for traditional product development such as exquisite custom diamond engagement rings, custom wedding bands or other such custom jewelry, their inventory creativity and openness to design ideas makes them the perfect choice to develop that very special graduation ring.

While it is almost a foregone conclusion that school rings are available, consider the pride and pleasure that can be derived by presenting your graduate with a unique combination of precious metals and precious stones that will forever reflect the accomplishment that goes with completion of their studies.  What an opportunity!

Krikawa presents a unique opportunity to bring together just the right combination of jewels and metals to reflect individual tastes while accenting the colors of colleges and universities.  Among the more popular university colors happens to be gold. Go wild! Call upon the experience and creativity of this custom jewelry designer to craft the ideal setting for the crimson, blue, garnet or other colored precious stones that are “school colors” and represent years of work and ultimate success. Let your imagination soar as the design takes shape and it becomes evident that the pride of the person wearing the custom ring is not only a personal matter but a reflection of the pride and caring of those responsible for the creation and birth of this one of a lifetime gift!